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USGAA Awards

The 2017 award categories will be reviewed and updated here in due course. 

Oversight:  The Sponsorship and Marketing Committee of the USGAA along with the USGAA board will oversee the awards program based on aligning a set of incentive based goals with our strategic development and growth plan to promote the game locally through clubs and their volunteers. Any specific awards that are affected by a board member's affiliation with a club or division will require that member to be recused from the voting process.

Awards:  There are 5 categories of award that will recognize the work done by clubs and their volunteers. 

Prizes: The award prizes will be vouchers for

When & How: Awards will be presented at Convention in San Diego on November 13th, 2016.

Deadline for Nominations: October 13th, 2016


1.    Club development Award ($5000 value)

This will be determined by analysis of the Registrar registration report. The calculation is the growth of American born members from last year (2015) to this year (2016).The highest percentage growth in a given subcategory is deemed the winner.


  • Men’s football

    • Clubs with 20 players or more* $625

    • Clubs with 40 players or more $625

  • Men’s hurling

    • Clubs with 20 players or more* $625

    • Clubs over 40 players $625

  • Ladies football

    • Clubs with 20 players or more* $625

    • Clubs with 40 players or more $625

  • Ladies hurling

    • Clubs with 20 players or more* $625

    • Clubs over 40 players $625

* with less than 40 registered players in current year. Club must be more than 3 years old.


  • A club is eligible in the 40+ players category once it has achieved 40 registered players in the current year. The number of players in the previous year is not relevant.

  • A club is eligible in the 20-39 players category if it has between 20 and 39 players in the current year.

  • Clubs that have merged in the current year are eligible for this award. The calculation will be accounted for in the previous year by combining the data for the two origin clubs in that year.

  • Clubs that have split in the current year are not eligible for this award as there is no accurate data available for the previous year.

  • If a team goes from more than 40 players to less than 40 players from previous year to current year then this is considered a decrease in development and the team is not eligible for this award.

  • Clubs that have not paid fines or fees due to the USGAA are considered ineligible.

  • If club has 100% American members in year 1 and 100% American members in year 2 then the actual growth of players as a % of members is taken.

2.    ‘New’ club of the year ($2500 value)


  • Must have been registered with the USGAA for at least two years e.g. be in it’s 2nd year or more but less than 4 years old. Clubs in their first year are not eligible for this award. A club in it’s 4th year is eligible meaning all new clubs have 3 annual award opportunities to win

    • Example: Current year is 2016, clubs founded in 2013, 2014, 2015 are eligible

    • Example: Current year is 2016, club founded in 2016 not eligible, club founded in 2012 not eligible

  • Should have at least 20 registered players in current year e.g. 2016

  • Should have an active website that meet the website prize criteria

  • Should have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed that are active in the current year

  • Should have competed in at least one local or regional competition in the current year - the division or USGAA will determine if the game/competition was recognised by the USGAA

  • If it is the only new club in this category then the award will be presented if it meets the listed criteria

  • New club of the year cannot win more than one time.


  • Men’s football ($625)

  • Ladies football ($625)

  • Mens hurling ($625)

  • Ladies hurling ($625)

Should there be more than one club eligible then the Voting Rules apply.

3.    National Volunteer Achievement Award ($1500 value)

  • Prize voucher is donated to the volunteers home USGAA club.

  • Nominations taken from all clubs. Shortlist of max 8 candidates voted on by MSC and USGAA Board. Cannot vote for own division member.

  • One of the three prizes allocated to a club of a former member of the organization if nominated i.e. hall of fame style award.

  • Three $500 prizes

  • Please click here for the nomination form. This will be used to help determine differences between nominees.

    • Sections include:

      • Name

      • Years active in USGAA

      • Club/Division/National board positions held

      • Coaching experience: describe any coaching experience and achievements

      • Describe in at least 100 words what this person has done for their club and their community

4.    Website of the year ($500 prize)

Must meet minimum requirements and then shortlist voted on according to Voting Rules.

  • Must have no dead links

  • Must be responsive to mobile

  • Should have information on either ‘what is Gaelic football?’ or ‘what is hurling/camogie’?

  • Should have contact information for club - email address, phone number, form, Facebook message. It should be known or obvious that this is Contact Us or Contact Info.

  • Must have info on How to Join

  • Must have info on where and when practice is

  • Should have social media links on website (working), for at least Facebook and Twitter

  • Must have recent content, less than 3 months old as of Sep 1, 2016 either directly on the website or embedded content from another source e.g. social media

  • Should have game or tournament results posted from current year

  • Must have good SEO, should appear in top 3 results on search when the name of the city and either the words “gaelic football”, “hurling” or “camogie” are searched for alongside it e.g. “gaelic football Los Angeles”

  • They include links to both the national and divisional board in their area (if available)

5.    Best TV coverage ($500 prize)  

– must have video coverage of club on US TV within current year with coverage of club showing the games of either Gaelic football or hurling outside the month of March (to drive initiative to create non St. Patrick’s Day & non Irish driven content).

  • Club must submit a link to USGAA PRO for consideration. The link should have a date on it and if not there should at least be a link to a Facebook post with a date on it for when the link was shared.

All candidates will be voted on according to Voting Rules.

Voting Rules:

Only clubs that have paid affiliation to the USGAA and have paid any fines are eligible for awards. Should there be more than one club eligible in this category there will be a vote. All candidates will be voted on by MSC and USGAA board (total 13 votes). A board member cannot vote for own division member. In the case of a tie vote the following people will have the deciding vote moving down the list as each one is recused due to divisional conflict (i.e. vote is tied between a club from their division and others):


  2. USGAA Chairperson

  3. USGAA Secretary

  4. USGAA Treasurer

  5. USGAA Registrar

  6. USGAA Youth

  7. USGAA Vice Chairperson

  8. USGAA CC Delegate

  9. Non recused MSC member

Should there be a conflict after this list has been expired then the prize money will be split amongst the finalists.

There is no restriction on a club winning more than one category.

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